Monday, November 5, 2007

Massachusetts Oysters, New Orleans Style

I'm still kicking myself for having gotten food poisoning right before a trip to New Orleans with Mr. Tea and Food last year. Thanks to a children's anti-nausea syrup I was able to at least watch as MT&F made himself a tiny po' boy with a few broiled oysters and a slice of the feather weight French bread that began our (his) meal. I have now finally enjoyed this delicacy myself, and in the comfort of my own kitchen. Local Wellfleet oysters from the Somerville Farmer's Market, toasted generic French bread, Kate's butter. They were open faced, as was I while shoving them into my face.

Something interesting I learned about oysters from the vendor, whose name I'll have to get for you. He'll throw the shells back in the ocean for you, to dispose of them naturally and to booster the wild population. Apparently oysters regenerate like gremlins and just sort of pop off each other.

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