Monday, November 5, 2007

Not Exactly Tea...

But you can put tea in it! Mr. B and I registered for this contraption, which makes me think of Pimm's cups and garden parties that I will never host, after our honeymoon. While on Nantucket, we visited the local brewery/distillery/winery and had a bloody mary concocted with house-infused horseradish vodka. Amazing. We received it today and are going to make cilantro and cucumber vodka for our dinner party on Friday, at which we will offer it with tonic or straight up. And we will talk about how amazing it is to find a brewery, distillery, and winery in one place.

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Dave said...

The drinks sound great but what's for dinner?

Carol said...

nothing fancy - we've got a veggie coming so it's mussels and bread served on the coffee table probably, then spinach lasagne and salad. I don't really have good make ahead veggie recipes other than that, and i can't do last minute dinner party things - i get really really cranky if i try. have a good day!

Dave said...

Sounds like a great meal! I just read a cool Mark Bittman recipe for mussels. All he does is pre-heat a cast iron skillet, puts the mussels in, and covers it. The mussels then release their own juices and cook themselves. He puts a little salt and pepper and that's it. I'm going to try it soon, I'll keep you posted.

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