Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Pleasant Kukicha

Not one to turn down free tea, I filled out an online form to get a free $5 gift certificate to Adagio. I wasn't too blown away by the store. They seem to have replaced Chinese names for tea with names that Americans will have an easier time with, e.g. Oolong #38. I decided to get a bit of Japanese tea, since I like to have Sencha and Kukicha around but am less likely to spend money on them than I am on, say, a promising pu-er.

This Kukicha was fairly pleasant. I think I didn't use quite enough leaves, but the characteristic twigginess was evident nonetheless. There's a richness to Japanese greens that really distinguishes them from Chinese greens. It is not always my thing but I do dig it once in a while. I wouldn't go running to buy this Kukicha, but if you want it for the price of shipping you probably won't regret it.

If anybody wants to know how to get the gift certificate just let me know. I'd feel a little cheap putting a direct link on the blog.

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