Friday, January 4, 2008

Ten Ren Oriental Beauty

As predicted, I couldn't resist plopping $5 down at the supermarket despite being burned in the past. Ten Ren Tea is ubiquitous, with stores in multiple states, malls, and continents, as well as a website that prominently features their business model. This made me pessimistic.

The tea itself is nice and honey-ish. It is not complex at all but it does have staying power. It can go strong through 6 or so infusions: not bad for a supermarket tea. Drinking decent Oriental Beauty is fun because it is a better version of so much bad tea that I've had in Chinese restaurants. Not too bad for a $5 investment.

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Aaron Kagan said...

There are so many things to appreciate about tea (and food) besides the quality. For instance, this one has high marks for me on an interest level because of its relationship to bad restaurant tea. Say, what did you use for the photo? I like close ups on leaves like this and haven't seen one since Jade Oolong.

Aaron Kagan said...

I finally just tried this for myself and completely agree that it tastes like really good Chinese restaurant tea.

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