Monday, January 7, 2008

Home Tea Roasting

A few days ago I finally made time for a home roasting experiment. I used a Bi Lo Chun that I have a lot of and don't love. I really just wanted to see what roasting would do to it. I put a single, even layer of tea at the bottom of my crock pot and set it to low. The tea roasted for about 4 hours and I tossed it around occasionally. It smelled nutty and grassy. As for the taste... more to come in my exciting next post.

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Angie said... even used "bi luo chun" man, this is not the tea of lousy quality. At home, we drink a lot of tea, I mean "real tea" , not those with milk, and sugar..... early morning, after lunch, late afternoon, after dinner.....everyone well, fast, from my hometown Amoy(Fujian, China) drink tea. But hardly any green tea, but "Oolong Tea" . Yes, Fujian is a place where you can find all kinds of "oolong tea"....Am I starting to blahblah here? :-)
Love to read more posts about tea and tea cooking/baking from you.

Anonymous said...

So I can roast tea in a crock pot? I think that this encourages a bit of experimenting this weekend after a visit to the lovely Buffalo Mountain Co-op.

--Samuel in the NEK

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