Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Honey Orchid Gold Medalist

When I went home over Christmas, I didn't bring any Dan Cong and I was surprised how much I missed it. I had spent the days before the trip tasting several and gotten used to their strong and soothing flavors. Karen gave me some excellent Dan Cong for Christmas, and Imen included a few samples, so this is by no means my last Dang Cong post, but it does conclude the series that I started a few weeks ago. According to the description, the gold medalist honey orchid is harvested and processed one tree at a time. I'm not sure exactly what this does for a tea, but the thing that strikes me here is how clean the flavors are. This honey flavor isn't as rich as the other honey orchid, but its cleanliness allows me to focus on its subtleties. The honey flavor is accompanied by a juicy sweetness. The tea is undoubtedly strong, as the flavors have yet to subside over 5 infusions and it certainly can make being inside on a snowy day pleasant.

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