Friday, December 14, 2007

Peach Dan Cong

I've spent much of today on the phone trying to get wood delivered before a foot of snow comes tomorrow. On my break from that I made sure to put in some time staring at my latest paper, not thinking clearly enough to make revisions. I just couldn't concentrate. After lunch and before wood stacking I brewed this organic Peach Dan Cong. As soon as I lifted the gaiwan lid the peach scent hit me. Keep in mind that this tea is not scented with peaches, mixed with peach peel, or anything like that. The leaves just naturally smell this way. Amazing. I was expecting to be overwhelmed by the peach flavor, but the tea has so much else going on: an excellent earthiness. The peach taste really is wonderful too. It reminds me of the part of a peach that is closest to the pit: more pungent and less sweet. After one cup of this I was feeling relaxed and more mentally sound. Now it is time to get back to wood stacking.

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Aaron Kagan said...

I'm a little embarrassed at how interested I am in this tea, because it's for no other reason than it tastes like something you wouldn't expect it to. Still, I hope to serve it at my dinner where I make things that taste like other things, like lemon grass and lemons, sunchokes and artichokes, anise and fennel, and so on.

Dave said...

I'll save some for you, you will love it.

Karen B said...

this tea was absolutely amazing--some for all at New Year's--nevermind that it's not mine to give away...

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