Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lancang Black Gold Purple Bud

I'm fighting off a bit of a cold today, so this young raw pu-er complements some ginger tea and raw garlic. My taste buds are a bit off, but I've had it a few times already so I can go from memory. What's striking is just how dark the leaves are. While most young pu-er looks golden and autumnal, the dry leaves of this look, well, purple. (Follow the link and check out the pictures, you'll see.) I initially thought that it was cooked so I was surprised to see it produce a cloudy yellow liquor. Tastewise it is pleasant but unremarkable. Its mellowness makes it easy to drink, and the characteristic tobacco flavor is present though it is weak and accompanied by almost no bitterness.

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Carol said...

Pauvre Dave! Feel better.

Dave said...

Thanks, I feel fine now.