Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Host Squid

I'd been in the mood for squid ever since watching Korean monster film The Host. Though most of the movie is about a squid-like monster eating humans, in more than one scene we see humans eating squids in a poignant reversal that begs the question: who is the real monster? (According to the movie, the answer seems to be "Americans.") Either way, it made me want to eat squid. Unfortunately the presentation at Kame in Beverly, MA was nicer than the squid, which was too chewy. But so are humans...

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Dave said...

It looks amazing. Too bad it didn't taste good. Do you know what caused color?

Also, I've been craving fried squid since seeing the host as well.

Aaron Kagan said...

What color? The yellowish tone of the photo? If that's what you mean, it was just the camera setting and the light. If that's not what you mean, then what do you mean?

Dave said...

Isn't the outside of the squid a dark orange?

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