Monday, January 7, 2008

Blue Hawaii

Ummm, so I think enough time has passed that a bit of wedding lore can be resurrected. Mr. B and I served our wedding dinner family style, passing around big ol' platters of pork, grits, and greens. (Okay, they weren't that big, and the grits had mascarpone in them, but I'm trying to set the stage for a despoiled authenticity sort of thing here.) I did want, however, a plated starter and chose a favorite treat from my Memphis childhood, a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I asked the chef in Cape Cod to serve this grilled as an amuse-bouche with a honey butter sauce on the side. Well, even in Memphis we know that an amuse-bouche is a little ol' thing, so imagine my surprise when a tower of brioche comes out to begin our meal. Don't let the picture fool you; it was the size of my head. And garnished with an edible orchid. I've made my peace with the size surprise - I'm just still confused about the orchid. And how do I know that it's edible?

Anyway, I've found that too few have enjoyed this most delectable sandwich. I like crunchy peanut butter and a thin layer of honey on the banana side. I think we made a few converts at the wedding, but I can't really remember - I was still a little weepy from Dave's lovely toast.

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Karen B said...

the sandwiches were wonderful--I had meant to make one for myself at home after having tried them at your weddding! then I forgot. It was a late night last night--maybe I can get Mr. Tea and Food to make me one as a hangover... He's already nixed my suggestion that he take me out for shrimp and grits.

Dave said...

I agree, the sandwiches were excellent. I didn't make Karen one for this hangover, but next time...

Carol said...

dave, please do a better job of providing hangover food in the future for Karen. This worries me, friends.

Jay said...

Wait, I get peanut butter, banana and honey. But grilled? Hmmmm. Sounds awesome, but how long should the grilling last?

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