Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kombucha Factory

Pu-er isn't the only fermented tea I keep around. I have a little Kombucha factory in the corner of my kitchen where 2 gallons are always in the works. It is a little exciting to know that there's a living thing in the corner of your kitchen, eating away at sugar and caffiene in order to reproduce. Also, if you wait long enough the kombucha gets fizzy. As you can see, I use tea bags for my Kombucha. This is the only reason I use them anymore: you just can't beat the convenience. The Kombucha flavor takes over anyway. (If you don't know what Kombucha is, click here.)

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Brendan said...

Dave! I know a couple people (incl. one of my best friends) here who are looking for Kombucha "starters". Is this something you could help with? They would be tickled.

CresceNet said...
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Dave said...

I can certainly help though it may be easier to get the mother from Aaron, since he is in the area. He gave me my mother and it produced a healthy colony!

DJK said...

Or, you can use half a bottle of GT Daves in your brew. Of course, it's easier to start with a SCOBY but the former will work.

When looking for a bottle of GT Daves (or other brand) look for one with LOTS OF STUFF in the bottom.

DJK said...

Oh yeah...and Craigs list. I paid $10 for mine from some guy local to me.

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