Monday, October 29, 2007

Spring 2007 Bi Lo Chun

Bi Lo Chun, also called "Pi Lo Chun", means spring green snail. The name comes from the shape of the rolled leaves. When steeped, the leaves expand to become the green beauties pictured. In addition to being beautiful, they smell wonderful: nutty and vegetal. So why don't I like it more? I just don't think that tea tastes nearly as nice as it smells. The taste is subtle and even, much like the smell though weaker. If you get distracted you might think that you are drinking hot water. I've tried various amounts of tea and steeping lengths. I've also tried concentrating really hard with a serious look on my face. I just can't come to love it. Oh well.

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Aaron Kagan said...

Perhaps my favorite post so far. I like the description of the personal experience. Two things I read about tea in an in-flight magazine: some has an aroma described as "roasted chicken" and some people eat good leaves after steeping.

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