Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jewish Penicillin

Woke up feeling crummy and soon had a full and nourishing stove going.

Ginger tea. Water and ample ginger cut into straws. Boil, then simmer extensively. It's then ready to drink but will only develop a superior bite when left off heat for several hours.

Matzoh balls. I've never used club soda but might try it next time. Conversely, my ancestors didn't use a mix, so why should I? Won't next time.

Chicken soup. Substituted a Cornish game hen for a smaller serving. Resulted in a slightly reddish broth and excellent flavor. This accompanied by parsnips, carrots, onions, sea salt, black pepper, and fresh dill, parsley, and garlic added at the end.

Horseradish. Raw, chewed while cooking.

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