Friday, October 24, 2008

Roasted Hazeluts and Hot Buttered Rum

We're trying to make it to November without turning on the heat, but since campfires are an exception, when it's cold out and I want to warm up I sometimes find myself going outside. As I gently baked in the radiant heat of a recent fire, these hazelnuts slowly roasted on top of it.

While we were enjoying the flames, our downstairs neighbors had appeared out of the darkness with a sack of filberts, so we all got to roasting. Hazelnuts are always good, but I couldn't believe how good they were when thoroughly roasted and still warm. Once cool they still had that toasty flavor, but nothing compares to experience of cracking a hot one.

Sitting in front of a blazing fire on a cool Fall night, it seemed like things just couldn't get any better. Just then, our neighbors reappeared, this time with hot buttered rum.

When I tell people I'm originally from Florida, they always ask why I live in New England. That's why.


Recipe: Hot Buttered Rum

Note: There are many frilly recipes for h.b.r. that include cider or ice cream, but my neighbor concocted this minimalist version from memory and it was perfect. Unfortunately she couldn't quite pin it down for me, so measurements are approximate.

Dark Rum (some)
water (a little)
brown sugar (not too much)
nutmeg (a bit)
butter (lots)

Warm it all up in a saucepan, on the stove or the fire. Stir it. Drink it.


Food Etymology for Karen:

Filbert: ORIGIN Middle English, "fylberd" from Anglo-Norman French "philbert," dialect
French "noix de filbert," so named because it ripens around August 20, which
is the feast day of St. Philibert.

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Karen B said...

I totally believe filbert is a French word. Doesn't it just sound French? Hot buttered rum and roasted nuts are very Victorian--am impressed!

Leah (The Jew & The Carrot) said...

I *love* roasted chestnuts, but I've never tried roasted hazelnuts. Not so sure I'm on the hot buttered rum boat though - How could butter and rum taste good together? How I ask you?

Brendan said...

Hot buttered rum = awesome. Butter's power to transform good things into fantastic things surpasses its dubious reputation as fatty dairy stuff.

Ezra Klein said...

Been looking for a good hot buttered rum recipe. But are the amounts relative or absolute? I.e, "a lot" of butter relative to how much butter people think they should drink, or relative to the "some" rum? I've decided that my Winter projects are 1) braising and 2) warm cocktails, so this is of the utmost importance.

Tobey said...

hello Aaron! lee told me about your blog, and i've been enjoying it immensely, though it makes me homesick for new england. check out my blog about Thailand: hope you're well!

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