Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autum Olive Again

I'm not surprised to see that the autumn olive is now spreading through the blogosphere with the same tenacity that it spreads through backyards.

Maggie of Dog Hill Kitchen has also taken up the cause of eating and then killing her autumn olive shrubs, and pictured above is her a.o. jam. She also tried a fruit leather, and it looks as good as the real thing, by which I mean Fruit Roll Ups, a fake thing.

See here for the full post:


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Debs said...

That jam is beautiful. Now I really wish I'd picked those ones in Michigan!

Food Is Love/Seattle Local Food

Bodin said...

I saw this article on autumn olive last month in Edible Boston. http://www.edibleboston.net/content/pages/articles/fall08/beansAnAutumn.pdf

Aaron said...

Thanks, Bodin. I saw it too, though after I had written the post(s). Great that it's catching on.

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