Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When Pigs Fly

I feel the same way about Davis Square that Calvin Trillin does about Kansas City. So when a When Pigs Fly Bakery shop opened up, I took it as confirmation that I truly do live in the epicurean epicenter of the universe.

Pictured above is the Cardamom Breakfast Bread, which in addition to its delicate spicing is a dried peach minefield. Taking a chomp from the loaf while leaving the store, I was shocked to find an entire, whole dried peach hanging from my mouth, a moist, Roswell sized crater where it had just been. I looked like a dog taking a walk with its favorite toy in its mouth, and was just as happy.

At home I toasted a slice with crumbled chevre, which tasted like an adult version of the Sun-Maid raisin bread we ate as kids with cream cheese. In comparison, it was as exciting as an "adult" movie is compared to a regular one.

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WOW! Women's World said...

Mmmm...that looks and sounds delicious, especially in combination with chevre! Thanks for the tip.
Julie for WOW!

Aaron Kagan said...

Enjoy, and thanks for posting (and linking!).

N said...

that looks fabulous... I wish the bakery had opened up a few years earlier when I was at Tufts. Well, looks like it gives me another reason to come back. Can I link to your site on my own incipient blog?

Aaron said...

Of course! Thanks for asking. Now I have a question: why were you reading T&F at 4:23 AM?

N said...

haha:) i live in india so actually that was 2 pm:) although t&f looks good enough that i might read it on one of those summer nights when sleep isn't really on the agenda:)

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