Monday, March 24, 2008

The Best Hamantaschen I've Ever Had

Hamantaschen are one of the few foods that I know I've eaten every single year of my life. Others include bread and, until age fifteen, pixie sticks. But these were by far the best I've ever had. Sorry, Mom.

I was doing a show for the Hillel of the University of Vermont when I discovered these gems. Standing out amongst the typical college function food, including cold fries and jalapeno poppers, I could tell right away that these were special. That careful pinching of the edges, the rustic dusting of flour, the visibly excellent crumb. I was right. Both the dough and filling were of the finest caliber, and they burst with honey sweetened, firm poppy seeds like an all tobiko sushi roll.

Before I could thank whoever had made them, he or she had vanished like Vashti. But that didn't stop me from stealing all the leftovers like Haman.

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Jay said...

now that looks like what I'd call mmmmmmantaschen. stupid diet.

Debs said...

I've also eaten hamantaschen ever year of my life, except the tragic year when they got lost in the mail.

My grandmother believes in sharing recipes, so I posted her hamantaschen recipe on my food blog. I believe they'll live up to your description of quality; having been raised on hers, I've never been fully satisfied with another recipe's hamantaschen. The crumb is perfect, the lemon zest in the dough gives it flavor, the prune filling is homemade...

It's at - scroll down to "hamantaschen."

Feel free to share this recipe with anyone, just so long as they think something nice about my grandmother when they make them. Never hurts to bring good karma and a mitzvah to an 86 year old woman.

Debs said...

Here's a link if that's easier:

Food Is Love

Aaron Kagan said...

Sorry about the diet, Jay. May it end soon so that you can go off it.

Thanks for the link, Deb. Those h-taschen look great! Nice filling-to-dough ratio. Also, I just threw a link to your blog up on the list in case you didn't see. Thanks for reading!

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