Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Champagne and Cherry Juice

Neither tea nor food, this was too good not to share. Last night Elise surprised me with a Washington state champagne -- sorry, "champagne like non-geographical sparkling white wine product" -- for no particular reason. I was thrilled. Though I have yet to find a champagne that's too dry for my taste, this Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut didn't really have anything going on except dryness. To be fair, I didn't have a chance to "sip with bagels and lox" as their website suggests.

Meanwhile, at $2.50 a bottle, Knudsen's "Just Black Cherry" juice has been disturbingly inexpensive lately, despite it's high quality. That kind of price usually corresponds with cutting a major sustainability corner, but this is one of my weaknesses, and juice really isn't that bad as far as vices go.

We glugged a healthy (antioxidants!) does of the juice into the wine, and it was great. Champagne is typically mixed with light, bright juices like orange or peach, but combining it with this dark, earthy one made for a serious cocktail.

Since I consider this juice to be the champagne of juices, and cocktails made with champagne to be the champagne of cocktails, and it's made with champagne, I've decided to call this drink Champagne Champagne Champagne.

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