Sunday, February 10, 2008

Showy Desserts, Part 3

Showy yet simple, this apple tart is so easy to make that's it's almost intuitive. If an elaborate cake is a machine gun, this dish a crude, but effective, sharpened stick.

Make a pie crust. (Equal parts flour and butter, enough water, pinch of salt if you're butter's unsalted, we like Kate's.) Toss two cut up apples in very little sugar and a dash of nutmeg and arrange to impress. Even this late into the winter, we managed to find some local MApples at Pemberton Farms.

This tart also proved that you don't necessarily need to peel apples before baking with them. We ate it, and nothing bad happened to us, except when we realized there wasn't any more.

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Carol said...

crust scares me - silly but true. Did you do the chilling and rolling thing or did you press it into the tart shell?

Aaron Kagan said...

Oh, come on! You make such harder desserts than a simple crust. Like the fruit in a pie, it is beneath you. I don't bother chilling, though I do roll it out on a floured counter top with a wine bottle. A nice trick is to drape it over the bottle to transport it to the pan.

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