Sunday, February 10, 2008

Haixin Yiwu Mature Ripe 2001

It started with an unpleasant fermented taste, but after the third infusion that was gone. Left was a rich, smooth, and sweet ripe pu-er. 10 infusions later it was still going: I tired before the tea. If it wasn't for the unpleasant start, I'd rush to buy more.

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Carol said...

Dave, do you know that you're on Twinings' blog roll? You probably do.

Dave said...

Nope. Cool!

Anonymous said...

I guess Carol told you before I got a chance to. I want you to know that we are aggregating your blog entries on the Twinings site. You'll notice your site is on the blog roll and your posts can be found on the top tea blogs page. We would appreciate a link to the Twinings Tea blog on your blog roll or links section too. While we may not be posting all the blog entries from your site, we attempt to post all your entries pertaining to tea drinking.

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