Friday, February 8, 2008

Mission: Taco Tour. Part V - La Corneta

The last stop of our tour, La Corneta, was also the worst.

By this point I could no longer contain what I can only hope will be a life long obsession with tamale. Although these were tough, dry, and bland, the fault may have been my own. When you're on a taco tour, don't get tamales. In other words, it was probably the least popular item on the menu, and therefore the least fresh. Another valuable lesson learned on Mission: Taco Tour. No matter how hard you try, after 9pm on a Sunday, your Mission will terminate.

Our guide acknowledged that La Corneta was considered by some to be a "McTaqueria," but assured us that everything else was better than the tamales. This was true of the crumbly, sweet and slightly gamy alfajoles.

We'd come a long way (though not physically) from the wagon wheel of meat at La Vallarta, the free skin at Rancho Grande, the watery guac of the Guadalajara, and the enormous spike of meat at San Jose. In the end, my favorite taco goes to the tender al pastor at Taqueria San Jose. But they were all good, because they were all taquerias.

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