Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vermmmont: My First Eggs

In case I haven't made it clear already, Vermont is a really interesting place to eat.

For instance, when visiting the homes of various campers, I was treated to the following meals: elk chili (shot in New Mexico), halibut kebobs (caught in Alaska), and homemade wontons (fried in the kitchen).

Equally impressive is the sheer bounty available in many VT backyards. Nearly every house I visited had an ample vegetable garden, plus many had sizable crops of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and black raspberries with apples en route. Several had both meat and laying chickens, one had ducks and guinea fowl, another pigs.

One home even had its own fully stocked trout pond. Talk about a sustainable source of seafood (pondfood?): instead of overfishing and mercury poisoning, all you have worry to about is otters.

It was in one such backyard that I gathered my first eggs. Then, in an expression of gratitude, I tenderly held my first chicken.

Before then, I had only ever held a chicken tender.

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Michelle said...

Better you than me! I have a healthy respect for barnyard birds and appreciate the home-grown eggs we get from friends, but touching birds creeps me out. Yeah, I know, I have no problem with reptiles. It's weird. Cute picture, though.

aprildawn said...

aww...egg gathering is harlan's favorite thing to do at my parent's house in TN (mostly because he's small enough to fit into some of the places where they lay)...i wish we could have chickens in medford, but i'm sure there's some sort of law.

Karen said...

that chicken doesn't look the happiest! I haven't had chicken tenders in a long time--wonder if there is an adult version?

Anonymous said...

Dear Aaron,

I enjoy your blog very much. But are you ever going to talk about tea again? Just asking. Thanks.

Catherine, a fiend for tea

P.S. Oolongs are my favorites. I loved your posts on silk oolongs. Very informative and evocative.

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