Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Links Galore, Links Galore

I've received a few link exchange requests recently, and it's often difficult to tell which are from actual people and which are from capitalists. I'll let you figure it out:

Kalahari Tea: an eco-friendly, organic tea company that sources raw materials and products from South Africa to support the local economy. Their tea bags are made of unbleached hemp and wood chips, they contribute to the African Wildlife Foundation and are members of 1% for the Planet (which is about the environment, not milk).

The Teacup Tango: I received this tea-themed music video from a wife and husband duo who created it to win a scholarship competition. From their experience they have concluded that "Tea is awesome and there is so much more to it – whichever type you prefer – than we ever realized."

I highly recommend watching it. FYI, my favorite moment occurs at 50 seconds in.

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Amanda said...

My favorite part is 1:30 secs in, when a petal has fallen from the bouquet behind her ear, and rests lightly on her clavicle

Emily said...

I can't tell you for sure about the capitalism/realism, but I can tell you that Kalahari tea is delicious.

MC Mr. Napkins said...

Wow! These lyrics are fantastic. "Mango," "elan go," and "can go" - I love that the "a" changes its vowel sound every time. And their favorite kind of dance - brilliant. This video is just my CUP OF TEA.

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