Monday, June 9, 2008

Drumlin Farm

I saw these brilliant lettuce seedlings soaking up the sun at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA while on a local food scouting mission in my new neighborhood. There I also learned that it's okay to eat a little raw rhubarb, which is good because I do anyway.

Part farm, part wildlife sanctuary and Audubon Center, at Drumlin you can see such story book perfect farm animals such as these poofy sheep. Since it is working farm, you can also buy a skein of their wool and perhaps a chunk of their shoulder or butt.

My hunch is that the Audubon funding makes Drumlin a little bit more of a theme park than some of it's down and dirty independent, small scale organic neighbors. Still, it's a great place to pick up some New England agricultural history or fresh veggies. They also offer a winter CSA, which I might have to join so I can stop boring you all with how much sauerkraut and applesauce I eat.

Despite the fact that Drumlin champions old fashioned, local farming practices, the gift shop only sold Good Humor ice cream. How disappointing is that? Only slightly less than having me buy part of your butt.

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camille said...

Just an FYI, the sub-primal cut on an animal called the "butt" is the shoulder butt. It's located on the upper part of the shoulder and usually contains the shoulder blade. This is sometimes called the blade roast, or boston butt on a pig. Unless you were referring to the rear-end, which is the leg (i.e. leg of lamb). :@)

Debs said...

Ooh, do they sell sheep milk as well as sheep parts? I've been wishing I could get my hands on sheep milk, preferably raw; it's full of good fat and protein and vitamins, much higher than cow milk. Not that this farm carrying sheep milk would do me much good, living out in Seattle, but at least I can be envious.

Food Is Love

Jay said...

As a formal English major and current copywriter, I'm compelled to point out that there is no apostrophe in "its" when used as a possessive, only when it's used to say "it is." Just a tip so that you don't drive your future editors insane.

Aaron Kagan said...

Thanks, Camille. I used my knife on some peppercorns yesterday and thought of you.

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