Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Codman Farms

I recently moved out of Boston and into greener pastures, but it wasn't until I saw these signs that I really grasped the fact that I no longer live in the city. They were posted on the on-your-honor fridge at Codman Farms in Lincoln, one of the many idyllic places around here to buy no-logo food. We were so excited by our purchase of some incredible looking (and ethically raised) bacon and eggs that we just went and had breakfast for dinner.

But what can I do with duck eggs? Any suggestions?

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Brendan said...

I heartily recommend the Farmers' Market at Codman on Saturdays, starring Linden Tree farm and Fiore di Nonno's made-this-morning mozzarella. Later, this guy comes up from Groton with life-altering peaches and heirloom apples. Last year there was a guy selling chocolate, but he's not there this summer.

Also, there are educational paintings of chickens in the bathroom.

Debs said...

Duck eggs are fantastic, used just like chicken eggs. They were my primary eggs for a while, and I'd scramble them, fry them, poach them, or anything I'd normally do with an egg.

They're also great for baking, very rich.

Food Is Love

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