Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Pawpaw

The more I hear about the pawpaw, the more angry I get that I've never eaten one. Then I get even more angry at our society for having been so neglectful of such an incredible thing to eat. The flavor of the pawpaw is downright tropical, while its range extends as far North as Canada, a.k.a. as far North as you can go.

Why aren't these things everywhere? What's really scary is that they might be and we just don't know it anymore. As plant geneticist Neal Pearson said in RAFT: "The pawpaw is not an endangered species, but the folks knowledgeable about the pawpaw are."

My feelings on the matter are clear. I want a pawpaw, and I want one now. Help me, blogosphere.

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Thomas Shepherd Inn said...

Seems to me the best way to have a pawpaw is to come to West Virginia, where there is a town named after the fruit - Paw Paw. A brief alleged history in on the website of a local B&B's Paw Paw page. I live about 25 miles from Paw Paw but have never actually tasted the fruit.

Kate / Kajal said...

Oh Aaron, hop right over, i have so much paw paw here i dunno what to do with it! You get some of the best ones here in Ghana... they export 'em out in i dunno a tons n tons !!

Laura Kelley said...

The best thing for someone who wants to eat local and fresh to do is to stop yelling and start planting! Plant a few paw-paw trees in your area. They are inexpensive <$20/tree and grow in zones 5-9 (and most of Mass. in in 5-6 so they should do well).

See Gurney's Nursery or other plant shop.

Aaron Kagan said...

If my travels ever bring me back to West Virginia, I'll certainly make a pilgrimage to Paw Paw.

Kajal, if I could "hop" to Ghana, you bet I would. But I think we've hit on a paw paw/papaya problem here. More later.

You're right, Laura. Except that I want one NOOOOWWWWWW! (That's more like yelling.)

Jeanne Muir & Jim Ford said...

Just heard of a website where you can mail order pawpaws - You can only order them seasonally and the 2008 season is over, but you can pre-order for 2009.

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