Friday, August 15, 2008

The Best Use of the Internet Yet

Finally, Web 2.0 brings us the ultimate in food finding technology: Local Harvest, a recent partner with Slow Food International, which has created an on-line resource for tracking down local, edible offerings all over the U.S. That means you'll finally have a definite guide to every sustainably raised product within 100 miles of your home or anyone else's.

Simply enter your zip code for a complete list of all farms, restaurants, and related events within striking distance. There's even a section for syrup, with everything from hickory (Indiana) to guava (Hawaii).

A whopping thirty-six pages popped up for my zip code, though admittedly there was a lot of alpaca wool and something called "testicle bath tea" (for, not from). I thought I had a pretty good handle on my foodshed, but only through L.H. did I learn that I'm practically next door to Cornish game hens, goat meat, duck eggs, and a CSA for sustainably farmed tillapia.

In other news, thanks to The Salted Cod for letting me know that Julia Child was a spy.

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