Monday, August 18, 2008

Little Pusan in a Big Way

Any day in which I wake up in Arkansas and end up in Boston is bound to leave me in need of nourishment. After surviving all day on my standard travel fare, I was in desperate need by the time I came crawling into Little Pusan, the best restaurant by far in my new home town of Maynard. Lucky for me, it's also the best Korean food I've ever had.

No sooner had I ordered a hot sake than the obligatory and ever changing appetizer tray arrived. Besides the usual homemade fermented vegetables and black (soy?) beans I noticed a new and unfamiliar offering. When I asked the owner/hostess/server what it was, she said "First you eat. Then you tell me." I was thrilled to discover that it was a deep fried, slightly spicy pepper, served room temperature and drizzled with soy sauce.

The sake did much to ease my scratchy throat, which really took a beating between that awful recycled airplane air and having been maxed out performing for the entire freshman class of the University of Central Arkansas last night. I drowned my sorrows in item B-9, a hot, red bowl of clear noodles and shredded beef soup.

The owner often tells me in no uncertain terms what I should order, and as usual her recommendation was spot on. I left feeling completely myself again, full, and only slightly tipsy.

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Trevor said...

Little Pusan is awesome, the owner is so very nice. I grew up in Acton the next town over. Try the plum tea.
mmmm kimchi!

octopod said...

Yeah, they're soybeans. Preserved in sugared soy sauce. (kong chaban)

Carol said...

I'm just wondering where you were in Arkansas...we're heading to my family's farm there this weekend. Good posting on the Jew and the Carrot!

Aaron Kagan said...

Will definitely try the plum tea next time, and thanks to Octopod for the bean I.D. And in case my latest post hasn't answered your question, Carol, I was in Conway. Where's your farm?

Anonymous said...

Bibim Bop is to die for, I could eat it everyday.