Monday, July 14, 2008

Corky and Lenny's

Any time I'm in Cleveland, I do my best to get to Corky and Lenny's, a 51 year old Kosher-style (or kosher?) deli in Beachwood. Given the amount of times I've done the drive while on tour, I now think of Cleveland as within striking distance of Boston. That means that if I'm in Cleveland in the morning, I know I can be home that night if I log in a solid ten hours of driving. And that means I get two sandwiches at Corky and Lenny's!

My morning sandwich is, inevitably, a bagel and lox. I especially enjoy C&L's "pretzel" bagels, and all of the other ingredients range from perfectly acceptable to superior. And speaking of superior, everything I've had here is better than any Jewish food I've eaten in Boston. What, are there not enough of us for a decent deli?

A visit to a culturally relevant restaurant such as this marks one of the situations in which I trade sustainability for experience. Freed by my circumstantial ethics, I then order my evening sandwich: roast beef with chopped liver and cole slaw. If everyone ate it all the time, both the health of the planet and its inhabitants would so plummet as to bring on the end of the world. Maybe that's why I feel a sense of rapture when I eat one.

With that kind of nosh on hand, those ten hours in the car practically fly by. The only difficulty is not eating the evening sandwich immediately after finishing the morning one.

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Jay said...

C'mon Aaron. As fallen as you may be, surely you recognize that a deli which serves both meat and dairy can not be kosher. However, the impressive heaps of lox and roast beef are definitely kosher style.

Jay said...

that's a great fish pic by the way

Life in General said...

Hey Great piece about Corky's. They have the best Kosher food around. Did you take those photos of the sandwich?

Aaron said...

Life in General,


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