Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Passover Leftovers: Part II

I got into egg creams after a trip to NYC when I was about fifteen. Back home in South Florida with a bottle of Fox's U-Bet, I quickly learned to perfect them. I knew exactly how I liked them, and that's how I made them. Therefore, by my own standards, my egg creams were the best in the world.

By this rational, I also make the ultimate matzoh brie - it's just how I like it! While the Brie Battle is raging on Bittman's blog, by the Egg Cream Principle, mine's tops. (As is yours.)

My version started as a family recipe and received a few tweaks from one of my food gurus, who turns out amazing brie from the unlikely environment of his wood heated rustic Vermont kitchen.

Break the matzoh into pieces quite large, though longer than they are wide. Barely soak them in warm water. Fry them and the onions in olive oil, until crispy. Pour on the egg. Keep it real hot. Toss in some coarse sea salt and as much freshly ground black pepper as you can handle. Roughly flip the matzoh and surrounding egg so that the other side has a chance to brown, still keeping your pieces intact. You want a pile, not a mess. I'm sure it would be better in schmaltz, but frankly, I don't have the balls.

Gratuitous texture shot:

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