Friday, April 4, 2008

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the Black River Cafe

In addition to its white squirrels, Oberlin, Ohio is also blessed with the perfect restaurant. The Black River Cafe has unpretentious, local, organic, good, cheap food.

In town for twenty four hours, I ate three out of four meals here, and wish that I ate all four. For breakfast I had poached eggs, a corn cake, home fries, and Curly Tail Farm sausage with local maple syrup on the side. Everything was how you would want it to be.

I tried the marinated tofu sandwich for lunch.

Tofu sandwiches have many pitfalls, the worst and most common of which are dryness and lack of flavor. The BRC's take on this usually inedible dish was both moist and flavorful, thanks to the freshness of the tofu, a healthy strata of sauteed mushrooms, and vegenaise. As a non-vegan, I can say with pure objectivity that vegenaise is confusingly tasty. Also as a non-vegan, I ordered the local, organic Ohio beef burger for dinner.

Because of my scruples, I almost never get to eat real burgers. Thank god for the Black River.

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Anonymous said...

So strange -

I clicked on the link to your blog from the "Bitten" NY Times one. I go to Oberlin and was pretty shocked to see a picture of Black River when browsing a random food blog. Sounds like you picked good stuff! I love their tofu sandwich, mmm. That place is the best!


Debs said...

I graduated from Oberlin and I was there when Sarah started the Black River Cafe! She'd graduated a year before me and decided to stick around and do something for the community. So glad it's still around and serving good food.

Food Is Love

Anonymous said...

for your kind review! however my ego has issues. I assume the Sarah you speak of is Sarah Kotok, a good friend and early employee at the black river cafe, however, I joe, also one of your classmates started the black river when i graduated for the same reasons Sarah created KOTOKS Market, oberlins healthfood store, shortly after the black river opened.

Debs said...

Joe, thanks for correcting me. I didn't know that. I'd been told by a few people at the time that Sarah started it. They must have mixed up the café with the market. I never knew about the market.

If I'm ever back in Oberlin, I'm eating at the café!

Food Is Love

Jenns said...

great Place, keeps it college., great food. hard working people from around the World. Great Local music.
love It.. Diva

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