Friday, March 26, 2010

Agriculture 2.0

See this piece from Grist about the intersection of sustainable agriculture and venture capitalists, which I think is a good thing? (Notice the question mark.)

It was inevitable that big investors would realize that sustainable food is, for some, a hot commodity that can be packaged and sold as easily as an ipod. Will the products they invest in be compromised by their interaction with it? Probably.

Do we want people who don't walk the walk able to influence sustainable food producers to cut costs and thereby become less sustainable? No. But what really interests me about this union is the potential to get the message out and to tap into the undeniable creativity of companies who have already mastered the art of taking down the establishment.

From the Grist article:

"Think of the companies that have remade commerce -- and made many billions of dollars -- over the past 15 years: Amazon, eBay, Google. They all exploited networks and data mining to upend conventional competitors."

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