Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tea and Food Party

I would just like to make it perfectly clear that Tea and Food is in no way affiliated with the Tea Party movement.

Tea and Food believes in bettering our society by rejuvenating our relationship with food and not by siding with militia groups and global warming deniers to resist the government. When Tea and Food feels down about our government, it remembers that delightful little organic garden on the White House lawn.

Perhaps the only thing that T&F and TP have in common is dried beans: I've been meaning to eat more of the heirloom Jacob's Cattle beans I received in my winter CSA, and Tea Partygoers have been meaning to stock up on cans of pintos to survive the coming Civil War that they wish to incite yet feel they have no choice in avoiding.

Again, Tea and Food has nothing to do with the Tea Party movement. I support local agriculture because it enhances communities and because small scale farms produce more flavorful fruits and vegetables, and not because I think the Federal Reserve was created to control my mind and that I need to grow my own corn in order to survive the oncoming clash.

If, however, anyone out there would like to start a rabid grassroots initiative called the Tea and Food Party Movement, I won't stop you. In fact, I'll bring the whole grain cookies.

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