Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Black Garlic

I'm not going to beat around the bush: black garlic is crazy, and you should try some.

I can't think of any other foodstuff that is at once so familiar and so confounding. When you taste a clove a black garlic, you know that you're eating garlic, yet the flavors have all been rearranged in new and different configurations. In terms of taste, black garlic is to garlic as ice-9 is to water.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, black garlic is non-black garlic that has been specially fermented and aged. Like most delicious things, it's long been used in Asia for medicinal purposes and is now being exploited in the West.

And with good reason. One word you'll often hear associated with b.g. is "fruity," and it's true. In comparison to boring old raw garlic (yuck!), the dark stuff is mellow, sweet, and... very difficult to describe.

When Amanda made an aoli with both roasted garlic and black garlic, the mysterious flavor only deepened, though walnuts were suddenly apparent. Black garlic reminds me of real balsamic vinegar without the tang and with.... again, hard to say.

I guess that, like Coke, black garlic tastes like black garlic.

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hgeorge said...

And what about that other disorienting "think you know it but you don't" item that (I know for a fact) the author also experimented with as a three year old (upon recomendation of another three year old): plum paste! Spread on corn on the cob -- so different -- its virtually a new element!

Aaron Kagan said...

I salivate (and slightly pucker) at its memory.

gaming speicher said...

I heard here for the first time about Black Garlic. I am going to look for it from now onwards.

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