Monday, November 30, 2009

Wedding, Honeymoon, Homecoming

Last week, I got married. It was incredible. Neither words nor 0's and 1's masquerading as words could describe it.

What I can describe is the food. The entire experience can be broken down into three distinct food phases: wedding, honeymoon, and homecoming.

At the wedding ceremony, we (barely) ate:

-mushroom, leek and ricotta salata strata
-turkey chorizo and black bean strata
-the best soup I've ever had (sweet potatoes, chicken stock, cumin, peanut...)
-roasted potatoes
-Iggy's rolls
-Iggy's croissants
-tons of incredible cheese
-arugula salad
-rivers of West County hard cider
-boatloads of roasted marshmallows
-bushels of sun crisps and merle rouge
-olive oil gingerbread with cranberry glaze, whiskey whipped cream and candied Buddha's hand (our wedding cake)

All of which was prepared by my good friend, the excellent chef Mrs. Amanda Jane Loring. If you want her to cater your event, and you do, drop me a line and I'll put you in touch.

For our honeymoon, my wife (!) and I then went to Portland, ME to do little besides eat. We consumed:

-french fries fried in duck fat, in Duck Fat
-the best piece of fish I've ever had: a small square of seared swordfish toro at Miyake
-one of the best cheeses I've ever had, Maine made (the name escapes me, but I'll post it later)
-Honeymaker mead (wouldn't be a honeymoon without it)
-Damariscottas and Pemaquids
-the rest of the Sustainable Red
-$2.75 bahn mi at Kim's
-leftover Iggy's croissants
-leftover olive oil gingerbread with cranberry glaze, whiskey whipped cream and candied Buddha's hand (our former wedding cake)

The first meal I made once home is the one pictured at top. Baked chicken legs and apples with a root veggie melange and hearty salad greens, the latter two from our winter CSA.

The food at the wedding was delicious, geared to please a crowd, appropriate for brunch and indicative of our epicurean ethics. The food on the honeymoon was sheer decadence. The meal back at home was a balance of both. May my new wife and I eat thus till the end of our days.

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aprildawn said...

congrats congrats, and i had no idea there was anywhere even remotely close to boston that served "DUCK FAT POUTINE"...holy lord christ on a stick.

Jay said...

Mazel tov! (and a nice toast too)

Jocelyn M. Berger said...

Yes, the food was mighty good and the wedding mighty beautiful. Huzzah! I'll even defer to that squash soup as the best soup ever, with the caveat that my soup could be described as a liquidy stew. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations--may your lives together be long and happy and may your plates always be full of interesting food.

Selkie said...

(I live near Portland ME and man, is the food and drink here ever GOOD!)

meghan said...

Congrats. Just got directed to your blog by a friend and I've been drooling all afternoon at work. I'm getting married next year (whoa, feels weird to type that!) and we want the same thing - focus on delicious small-plate style food that's truly memorable.

Ana said...


Wedding Bands Melbourne said...

How I wished I get to taste those foods. :) I would just make it.. thanks for sharing!!

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