Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Real Deal

Over the weekend Elise and I stumbled upon what must be our best local cider hook-up: One Stack Farm in Stow, MA, which presses its own apples in the antique device pictured above.

And that's the only place you'll find it. Because One Stack doesn't pasteurize or add preservatives, they're only legally allowed to sell on-location. On top of that, the stuff they do sell has to be slapped with a warning label detailing the potential health hazards for the young and old.

Now think about the other potential health hazards in the food we eat, and think about what bullsh*t it is that that crap doesn't have to be labeled while this does. Meat cut by workers who don't get paid for the time it takes to clean their knives gets a pass, yet the kind, old pipe-smoking apple farmer down the road has to put a skull and cross bones on his juice.

Regardless, One Stack cider is so delicious, so fresh, round and balanced, that I'd drink it even if it could kill me.

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Margaret Pinard said...

"Although none were likely to have caused the contamination, federal officials said the conditions could have exacerbated the spread of bacteria." -from that article you referenced about meat contamination.
Can you elucidate the difference between these two clauses? Or do I need to contact a lawyer for a translation? Thanks for the link- good article.

Margaret Pinard said...

(on last page of online version, in case you look for the quote)

Marlena Amalfitano said...

I so envy you for having a local cider source. Nothing beats the taste of the real thing. Pasteurization makes it taste like apple juice. Blegh!

The Back Issue said...
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The Back Issue said...

In Jericho on Long Island, New York there's The Jericho Cider Mill. They do not currently have a website, but I found this link about them with their contact info.

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