Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I just made a curious discovery that I feel obliged to share. If you google image search the word "food," this is what you get:

The irony is that many of us do not consider to above to be food, but rather what Michael Pollan famously called food-like substances. In other words, corn manipulated beyond recognition.

Pollan also suggests that we not eat anything our great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food. That excludes pretty much everything in the image above. Then again, great-grandma didn't know what google was either.

Which begs the question: was great-grandma better off? Hard to say, though she was certainly better at not getting obese and diabetic.

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aprildawn said...

my great grandma fried everything in lard (and if it wasn't fried in it, it was seasoned with it)...not so sure she was better off. :-)

Aaron Kagan said...

I don't know, sounds good to me.

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