Friday, March 6, 2009

Quote of the Day

From a recent article in Mother Jones:

"According to a 2008 report from Carnegie Mellon University, going meat- and dairyless one day a week is more environmentally beneficial than eating locally every single day."

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Karen B said...

yikes--I wonder if that is accurate. I eat pretty locally and certainly don't have meat every day but no dairy would be really tough for me.

Ruth said...

What if one ate locally all week and eschewed meat and dairy once a week? Not to mention how much money and planet one could save by going for the gusto and eating a locally grown vegetarian diet.

Not that I'm doing such a thing. My diet is vegetarian with some percentage of locally-grown vegetables and dairy. I might know some people who are doing the optimal super-duper food thing, though.

wintergreens said...

How about local and animal free? It's easy if you live near farms...

I think this is pretty well documented information. It's said you're more eco conscious driving a hummer every day than eating meat.

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