Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Thaw

Perhaps the only downside to locally raised meat is that much of it comes frozen. Unless you're vegetarian, in which case it's nothing but downsides.

Personally, I'd rather get my protein from a happy local cow than a soybean grown in Iowa. But this doesn't mean that I possess the forethought to thaw said cow before wanting to eat it. Hence the above photo, which captures my effort to simultaneously thaw and brown a frozen block of ground beef.

Actually, it worked. When one side of the meat-ice was done to my liking, I'd flip it and do the same to the B-side while using the spatula to shave off the finished portion. I continued doing so until the block had disappeared, at which point I turned up the heat, cooking off any remaining water and giving the meat a final toast. This served as the basis for a sauce to go with leftover (and also frozen) lasagna noodles. It was great, it was hearty, and it was local.

If you really want to eat seasonally in the winter, eat food that's as frozen as the hard, cold earth.

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Karen B said...

this is the method that my mother taught me to use to brown frozen ground beef when you decide at the last minute what's for dinner. I'm glad you find it acceptable!

Jeff said...

A few minutes under defrost in the microwave until you can break it up into large chunks will save you some time hovering over the stove.

Anonymous said...

Add a little water and put a lid on it, then reduce the water once it's thawed (you have to break it up a little as it goes, but the thawed bits won't char.

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