Monday, December 22, 2008

Have It Their Way

Like many, I want to throw down about the offensive nature of the latest Burger King ad campaign. Unlike others who are doing so, I will refrain from commenting on the details, which would thereby accomplish one of the company's goals: free marketing.

Burger King is evil, but not stupid. My hunch is that they're just abiding by the notion of no-press-is-bad-press. In describing the particulars of the offending ads, and in linking to them, those who have written on the subject have also unwittingly spread the message. In doing so, they have become pawns of the Burger King.

So I'm not going to make it any easier for them. I'm just going to say this: Burger King is doing something bad. When you think Burger King, think "bad."

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Jay said...

Ugh, don't you realize a vague posting like that forces me to google "new burger king ads," and I'll probably wind up watching more BK ads than just the offensive ones? Lucky for you, I can't eat that unholy slop.

Jay said...

Now I know what you're talking about and I'd say the main problems with the ads is that they're boring. Also, where are the actual results of this taste-test? It doesn't reflect well on the American consumer that big business thinks they can be easily tricked by showing only the villagers who liked the whopper (and dressed in the most over-the-top stereotypical outfits available).

And if you really want to hate BK, here's another blast from the past.

Stephanie said...

Doh! Guilty as charged! But I'm afraid by mentioning it, you too, are sort of guilty. Hmmm, no press may be bad press, but knowledge is still power (ugh, such a lame cliche and I can't believe I just used it).

Well, if anyone is interested in reading a good old fashioned rant with biting sarcasm, feel free to read my post. I had fun writing it.

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