Monday, November 3, 2008

Sustainable Catfish

I could eat seafood three meals a day, but concerns about sustainability now have me eating it only once every few months. Fortunately there are more and more guides to eating sustainable seafood, like the Seafood Watch Sushi Guide and Chefs Collabortive's Seafood Solutions. There are even responsible seafood CSAs in some parts of the country, like this one in Maine.

While farm raised fish has taken a recent nose dive in popular opinion, they're the way to go when managed correctly. Fortunately, US farm raised catfish generally meets the bill. In fact, it's even good enough for Canadians.

Since they aren't ocean catfish, I guess technically it isn't sustainable seafood, but "pondfood" doesn't have quite the same ring. But if for some reason farm raised isn't your cup of tea, there's always noodling:

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Karen B said...

oh my God! I had no idea that catfish were that big!! that's like a pond tuna fish!!

Karen B said...

also, I clicked through the link and can't figure out what the Canadian reference is. this is very important to me as a Canadian. I tried for a full sixty seconds to get the reference.

Aaron said...

That's because it was a trick link! In other words, I pasted the wrong url.

Try it again and it should work, though at this point it can't be anything but anticlimactic.

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