Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Elise's Birthday, Part II

In regards to Elise's birthday festivities, Jay asks: "But what did you make for breakfast in bed the next day?" Scones, of course.

You may recall from one of my post-San Francisco posts that she has a thing for making scones. While the Sun-Maid dried dates we got at Star Market didn't compare to the fresh ones from the San Fran Far-Mar, they were still superb. As was the batch with lemon zest. Elise makes a moist scone, almost like the love child of a scone and a biscuit.

In addition to contending with the plasticky dates, we also had the task of doctoring up supermarket fruit. Though the strawberries in the kitchen garden are coming along quite nicely, I know that we're not supposed to be eating pears and apricots in New England in May. Still, it was her birthday.

I popped the apricots in the oven for maybe seven minutes just to loosen them up a bit. The pears got a spritz of lemon, a dusting of powdered ginger, and just a pinch of brown sugar. The strawberries weren't as much like styrofoam as these freaks of nature usually are. Of course they were organic, but they were Big Organic.

Also, I forgot to mention that we had marrow bones the night before. Here's proof:

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